7 Creative Window Replacement Ideas

Window Replacement Ideas

Any money that you invest in your home improvements, for the most part, are going to pay for themselves. Whether it’s an increase in the market value or just something that you get to enjoy, you can’t go wrong with making your house look better.

The windows in your home are some of the first things that you probably notice, and so do other people. You may just be bored with what you have in place currently, or your windows are ready to be replaced due to age. When it's time to complete the task, you may want to take a different route. Instead of sticking with the more traditional choices, take into consideration some of these more creative window replacement ideas before making your final decision.

Explore All Kinds of Hardware

There is an endless amount of hardware out there that can be fitted to whatever type of window you decide to install. Before going with the stock or basic choices, take a look at what you can do to switch things up a little bit. You may want to match it to your existing style or décor. Select different colors, shapes, and metals to make the window a completely custom design. Some of the parts that you can switch up include:

  • • Lift handles
  • • Cam lock
  • • Crank handles

These each come in a variety of finishes from silver and brushed bronze or nickel to PVC in various colors. Get some ideas in your mind ahead of time. That way, when you start to design your custom windows, you aren’t overwhelmed with all the choices that are available.

Change up the Style

Where you may have had a basic wood window before, think about what else you can put in instead. There are PVC storm-proof windows that are both visually appealing and extremely efficient. They come in a variety of designs, and you can customize the look of your home that way. Another option is putting in bay windows in certain locations. Not only is it going to make a difference in that particular window, but it will give your entire house a brand new look.

Try Timber Windows

If you’re worried about window replacement costs, there are plenty of companies out there that offer maintenance and draught-free windows of wood timber. You get to stain or paint them however you want to coordinate with the room that they are going in. This is an excellent option if you don’t want all of your windows to look the same. They are also energy efficient and give that rustic yet modern appearance.

Explore Double Hung Windows

If you haven’t seen a double hung window yet, they are really becoming a trendy option. Double hung windows are unique because you can open them from both the bottom and the top. It’s a nice option if you have little ones or pets running around that you don’t want to get to that bottom screen. It also gives the house a different look when the windows are opened in an untraditional fashion.

For those of you that can’t stand the thought of having to climb a ladder to clean your windows outside, these are a dream come true. Most of them lift and tilt inward so you can wash the outside while you’re still standing safely in the house.

Take Time with Window Coverings

After choosing the specific window design you want, the job isn’t going to stop there. You also have to take into consideration what type of window covering you are going to use. While the window is looking fabulous, nobody really wants to see a window with no curtain or covering option for it. There are many choices like blinds, drapes, and curtains.

You can get extremely creative with the window coverings because if you don’t like them, they can always be switched out. That’s not ever the case with the windows themselves. That’s why it’s so important you chose a design that you aren’t going to get tired of in a few weeks or month.

Let More Light In

If you want to put in the work, you can alter the size of your window to let more light in. You can do that by either making it wider or doing a floor-to-ceiling version. If you aren’t skilled in carpentry work, you may want to hire a professional to take on that part. There can be a lot of cords, wires, and foundation pieces holding the house up that you don’t want to destroy by cutting apart the wall.

Explore Different Shapes

Not all windows have to be perfectly rectangular or square. Try out something different in several areas like a circle, crescent, octagon, or even a triangle. It puts an artistic flair on your home that is going to have all of your neighbors cranking their heads around to see.