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summer home maintenance

Once spring gives way to summer, there are a number of things that you need to do in order to ensure that your home is in good shape. Of course, by “home” we mean the structures on your property – including the garage - and anything that they are attached to, such as your back deck, front porch, and any patios.

If you have an outdoor kitchen, then you’ll need to add it to the list as well. Since summer weather is notoriously hot and sunny, it’s the perfect time to get all of the exterior maintenance done on your home.

Walk Around Your Property Inspecting Everything

The very first home maintenance step involves checking every inch of your property. Walk around the outside of your home looking for cracks in the siding, window frames, and windows.

Head towards the street so that you can examine your roof for loose and missing shingles. Check your porch, patio, and deck for winter damage - and don’t forget about the garage and any additional outbuildings.

If you have a pool, add it to the list. Examine the interior of your house as well, looking for cracks in the foundation and leaks in the roof. When you find damage of any kind, make note of it so that you can get it repaired. This examination is a crucial first step when it comes to home maintenance. After all, you need to know what’s wrong so that you can fix it later.

Get Out the Power Washer

Summer is the perfect time to clean the exterior of your home. This includes power or pressure washing every square inch of it.

However, if you notice any damage to your home, exterior window sidings, porch, or so on, get those repairs done before digging out the power washer. The high-powered jets of water might cause additional damage, otherwise. But, if everything was in good shape, give it all a good cleaning.

Start with one side of your house and work your way around to the others. Your driveway and sidewalk can be cleaned using this method as well.

Tackle Those Repairs

If you noticed any damage on your home, get it fixed. Some smaller issues can be done on your own, such as tacking down a loose piece of siding or hammering in a loose porch floorboard. Paint and stain are additional easy tasks.

However, if the problem appears to be complicated or you just don’t have the time to do the repairs on your own, call in the experts. You should be able to find a general home improvement services contractor in your area who can come out and fix all of those little things.

Take Care of Your Garden and Lawn

Your lawn and garden are essential parts of your home since they beautify it and your yard. You should have been out planting flowers and trimming the lawn during the spring months. However, there’s plenty to do in the summertime.

For example, you can add a layer of mulch to the garden and fertilize the lawn. Do whatever is necessary to keep them looking nice through the summer months and into autumn.

Swap out Your Batteries and Filters

The batteries in your smoke detectors and the filters in your furnace and air conditioning units need to be swapped out or at least checked every six months. While you’re at it, go ahead and change the backup battery on your alarm clock as well.

Have an HVAC Company Inspect Your Appliances

When the weather gets hot, you’ll regret not having an air conditioner that works properly. Don’t allow this to happen. Instead, call in an HVAC expert to clean your ducts and do any necessary maintenance and repairs on your air conditioner and furnace.

Don’t Forget About Your Grill

Your barbecue grill needs to be cared for as well. Hopefully, you kept it under a tarp or cover during the winter and spring when it was too cold and rainy to grill. If not, then you’ll need to worry about rust and other damage.

Before you get out the grill and turn it on for the first time, take the time to clean it thoroughly. Check the gas canister and all of the hoses that connect to it to make sure that there are no leaks. Then, clean the grill itself, removing all of the buildup.

Check Everything for Leaks

Your hoses and even the faucet that connects the hose to the water lines running through your home are prone to leaks. They happen when you least expect it, so make sure that you do a test run early in the summer. This involves unrolling the hose and turning the faucet on so that you can see if there are any leaks. If you don’t notice any, then you’re good to go.

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