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commercial window installation


The types of commercial windows you choose for your business can significantly impact the look and feel of your building. Since they're such a vital part of any commercial building, storefront, or office, there are many factors to consider when choosing what type of window to use in your establishment.

Whether you want an aesthetic improvement to the exterior or need something solid and durable to protect the interior spaces from the weather, the options for commercial windows are nearly endless.

It's critical to get the right window for your business building project, and it all starts with selecting the appropriate one. The first step in finding the finest windows for your business structure project is to understand the many sorts of windows available to you. The following are some of the popular commercial window installation options for businesses.


Vinyl Windows


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It can be tough to find a window that performs well while being aesthetically pleasing, but many vinyl window manufacturers have created a product for just this situation. The strength and durability offered by commercial-grade vinyl windows are not to be overlooked, and they can even increase the value of your building or storefront.

The great thing about vinyl windows is that they come in various styles and colors. They're available with different treatments to match virtually any design, and some even resemble more expensive wood-style windows. These windows are easy to clean, and they require little to no maintenance - a big plus if you're a building owner or in charge of maintenance.

If you're looking for the most modern look possible for your commercial project, these windows are a great way to go.


Fiberglass Windows


One of the most durable and sturdy commercial window options is fiberglass. This material provides a high level of strength and added privacy over other types of windows, such as steel. They're not just attractive, but they're also very long-lasting, secure, and cost-effective. In the same way, they are unaffected by the weather when exposed to it; they do not develop or shrink as time passes, preventing air penetration in most buildings. As a result, fiberglass windows are a highly sought-after solution.


Aluminum Windows


Another excellent option for commercial windows is aluminum. This metal can withstand the weather and other outdoor conditions very well, and it's available in a variety of styles and colors. One benefit of aluminum is that it will not rust or corrode over time, so you'll be able to use these types of windows for many years without worrying about them breaking down.

If you want low-maintenance, cost-effective windows, aluminum is the best option. These windows are incredibly robust and allow for big window openings. As a result, aluminum windows are perfect for large commercial structures with broad window panes, such as shops or cafés; however, aluminum windows might require high utility costs and appropriate interior components.


Composite Wood Windows


For windows with the timeless beauty and visual appeal of natural wood in your newly constructed business structure, go no farther than composite wood windows. They are a more affordable and high-quality replacement for traditional wood, and it suits the outdoor environment much better than natural wood. At the same time, you get all of the classic beauty that draws people to natural wood windows.

One of the main benefits of composite wood windows is that they're resistant to damage from moisture and humidity, and insect infestations. Because of their design, they can be installed in most commercial or residential settings, and they're an excellent choice for any commercial structure that needs to use large window panes. With proper maintenance, these types of windows will provide you with years of service.


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For over twenty years, Wells Custom Framers has been in the commercial window installation and repair for businesses across Western Massachusetts and Connecticut. We are an authorized dealer of Marvin and Anderson Windows, both well-respected brands in the commercial window industry. For more information on commercial windows, contact us today.