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People often have their heads brimming with home remodeling ideas for several months but lack the time and experience to act upon them.

Home remodeling can be a challenging and taxing job mentally and financially if one has not maintained a proper house remodel checklistTherefore, it is advisable to devise special steps to act efficiently and avoid overspending. Not only do people not know where to start, they often become hasty and begin with irrelevant tasks first, which can derail the whole remodeling project.

A Step-By-Step Checklist for Home Remodeling

Here is a step-by-step house remodel checklist that can help people kickstart their remodeling project without hassle -


Step 1: Pen Down a Roadmap


The first step is to devise a roadmap when considering remodeling. This gesture can help plan things out smoothly and avoid the hassle caused by shifting and temporarily relocating. Prepare a list of the tasks to undertake by self and those that shall get contracted out. Homeowners should then look for local contractors that fall under their budget. They must also obtain city permits before remodeling to avoid legal issues in the future.


Devise a Plan

It is advisable to begin the journey by creating a plan and understanding whether the remodeling project is a crucial repair, ambiance refresh, technological upgradations, or merely for leisure.


Set a Budget

If people are low on capital, it is advisable to keep a tight grip on redundant expenditures and only spend on essentials. It is also recommended to leave some room (10-25 percent of the budget) to accommodate unexpected expenses.


Explore Remodeling Ideas 

After setting a budget, people should be mindful about making the most out of that spending limit. They must stay updated with the latest rooftop ideas, floor coverings, appliances and more by surfing the internet.


Establish a Deadline

Interviewing contractors can get simplified if a person is running on a strict deadline. The contractor will always ask about a deadline, and even if people are not in a rush, they must provide a specific date to ensure consistency.


Step 2: Conduct Appropriate Research 


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Before kickstarting the home remodeling journey, people must figure out if they can perform some tasks themselves. As per a 2019 Remodeling Impact Report by NARI, 12 percent of homeowners participated in some do-it-yourself (DIY) labor. Therefore, people must look for a qualified contractor willing to work with a DIYer. The report also revealed that 36 percent undertook the entire project themselves, 35 percent hired a house remodeling contractor, while 14 percent employed labor but acquired the materials themselves.


Look for Referrals

If someone in the neighborhood recently undertook a remodeling project, it is advisable to ask them the professionals who worked on the job. If finding a decent referral becomes tedious, people can also view listings on websites like the NARI website.


Thoroughly Check for Reviews 

People should begin their research by shortlisting some contractors and then visiting their websites to check out similar jobs in their employment portfolio. Check if they have a membership of trade organizations such as NARI or the National Association of Home Builders.


Review Credentials

Ask for the house remodeling contractor license for reassurance and if they are covered. It is advisable to visit the state’s licensing page online to check out their appropriate certifications and any history of fines. People must go through the contractor’s references, licenses, and insurance policy and inquire about permits, required labor, estimated costs, and their professional contact information. 


Inquire about Estimates

Narrow down the finalized contractors to two or three for estimates, which often requires a site visit. Decent contractors take several photos and measurements to prepare a sketch and deliver a concrete estimate date. Let professionals inspect the property's foundation, windows, roof, plumbing, and electrical wiring to have their current state verified and examined for remodeling.


Step 3: Prepare the Property for Remodeling

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Before calling in the contractor and the labor to perform remodeling on the property, people must prepare their space and have everything stored away. For instance, if the kitchen requires remodeling, people must pack the dishes and eatables aside to avoid hassle during work.


Make Temporary Residential Arrangements

When remodeling significant spaces such as the bedroom or the kitchen, it is recommended to have alternative residential arrangements as a crucial part of the house remodel checklist. If one does not own another property to move into, they can shift into the living room or the bedroom until the labor finishes remodeling.


Get a Portable Storage Container on Rent

With so much stuff that must get shifted during remodeling, people can often find themselves running out of space to put their belongings. However, this can get taken care of by renting a portable container. The unit gets delivered to the homeowners' doorstep and installed into their backyard, which saves the hassle of hiring movers and packers. Homeowners have any-time access to all their belongings stored in that portable container, which significantly complements its convenience.


Step 4: Kickstart the Project

After successfully executing the above three steps, hiring a contractor, and acquiring competent labor, the time to kickstart the project arrives. Here are a few tips that can help people put wind in their sails -


Begin Demolition and Construction

Demolition produces debris and tons of waste, all of which must get disposed of in a large dumpster. Pull cabinets out, bring down walls, and shatter old tiles. If the homeowners have moved out temporarily, they must perform demolition beforehand.


Stay in-touch and Reachable

Homeowners must ensure that the contractor has their contact number and other means to reach out to them. The homeowners must also monitor the work frequently to point out mistakes or miscommunications while the job can still be undone.


Stay Cool and Composed

Delays are inevitable, be it due to human incompetency or natural factors like rain, landslides, or storms. The entire workforce cannot always be present on-site, be it due to personal reasons or illnesses. Therefore, people must expect delays to occur during remodeling projects.


Prepare a Punch List

At the approaching end of the job, check for little things that could potentially get overlooked. Upon completion, homeowners can have this list reviewed with their contractor to ensure if those things are irrelevant or necessary. 


Final Thoughts

Home remodeling can be a troublesome task if planned poorly without a proper roadmap, research, budgeting, and other factors. Therefore, it is imperative to plan and stay prepared to encounter delays. Preparing a thoroughly devised house remodel checklist can help homeowners avoid most of the hassle and help focus on core remodeling project ideas rather than having to deal with moving and going off the budget.


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