How Much Does Custom Window Installation cost in 2017?

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Looking for Custom Window Replacement Cost in 2018?

Upgrading the windows in your home is one of the ways to increase its value for resale or to enhance the appearance of your home’s exterior. Some types of custom window replacements will furnish you with greater returns on your investment in the event of a sale. This is the reason why careful consideration needs to be given to the cost of the method you will choose to use to effect the custom window installation, and how much the windows and supplies themselves will cost.

Of course, the number of the windows to be replaced will cause the cost to rise. The condition of the frame or opening, as well as the level of skill required of the contractor to carry out the installation, all come into play.

So far for 2017, here is a breakdown of the average cost of custom window replacement based on the number of windows as well as a range.

Number of Windows

Average Cost

Price Range of Installation


$ 2200

$ 1200- $ 3200


$ 4900

$ 3300 - $ 6500

Over 10

$ 14500

$ 8500 - $ 20600

For windows only, the cost to replace vinyl windows per window ranges between $ 450 and $ 600 while the cost to do a wooden window replacement runs between $ 800 and $ 1000.

Possible Volume Discounts

While the cost of installing windows will increase with the number, some custom window installers will offer a package price or discounted rate based on the volume. If you give some thought to expanding your budget, you may be able to benefit from these savings by doing multiple custom window installations at one time and save more in the long run.

Custom and Standard Sizing

The cost of the replacement windows will also vary based on the sizes. Many manufacturers tend to carry common sizes but if you have windows which do not fit the standard dimensions available, you will end up spending more than the stated range since they will have to be custom made.

The Window Styling and Type

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The style of the windows you choose to have installed will further determine your final installation costs. The types vary in price and will be discussed below.

One of the most affordable types of windows are the double hung windows which open at the top and also at the bottom. Due to the low pricing they are one of the most popular choices for custom window installation.

Windows with double paned glass are ideal for maintaining temperatures in the home from the heating and cooling system and they are very effective at keeping energy bills at a minimum. They cost considerably more than double hung windows and also more than this next style of windows.

Windows which fold outward or tilt out windows, are convenient to clean from inside the house and are best suited for areas which are not very easily accessible for example an attic. They cost more than double hung windows.

This next window type includes those which are made with high performance glass. These are specialty glass windows which come in various types and offer the additional benefit of impact resistance. You may choose to increase the number of panes based on your budget and strengthen the amount of protection your home will receive.

Vinyl windows are the least expensive of the window types and are low maintenance as well as durable. In comparison to wooden windows they are not quite as durable but they do not need to be refinished or painted to contribute to their sturdiness as wood does. They are stable to the elements and offer a cost effective solution for custom window replacement.

Wooden framed windows require painting and other types of treatment to ensure that they will not rot or degrade over time and will save you some money in the long term. They need to be properly sealed and finished to give them a chance of lasting as long as the house does. The drawback with these windows is the fact they will inevitably, over time, become affected by the natural elements and still need replacement. This is something to consider if return on investment is of prime importance to you. The other side of the coin has to do with whether switching your wooden windows out for cheaper materials will detract from the rich authentic look of the structure. This decision has to be carefully made since windows, while a necessary element to protect the home and provide ventilation and lighting, also serve as a decorative accent.

Other Factors Affecting Window Replacement Cost

When you make the decision to have a custom window installer replace your windows, you will also want to discuss whether the existing opening will suffice or new ones need to be created.

Additionally, considerations for making windows secure from intruders will affect the cost further.

Finally, the location in the home where the new windows will be installed will cause your cost to increase.

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