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The Latest Trends in Commercial Wood Framing for 2018

There are a plethora of reasons why commercial framing contractors use wood. First of all, it’s easy to work with. Secondly, it is less expensive than some of the other options. Commercial wood framing benefits include: systems integration, durability, and sustainability. These trends in wood framing explore even further why contractors are choosing it.

Green Design

Energy efficiency is one of those trends that isn’t going anywhere. Especially for commercial framing contractors. The owner is going to hire wood framing contractors who can give them with what they are looking for cheap. They want to pay the lowest operational costs possible. They have to take into consideration the window framer as well. They can’t take away the ability of the material to expand and contract with the installed glass.

There are a variety of codes that change from state to state. Wood is the material that commercial framing contractors can use and not fear violations. It naturally insulates so it’s also going increase the R-value.

Wood framing contractors know that using this kind of material is what is best. It minimizes missing insulation areas. It will also pass all standard code requirements, and give the person paying for the build the most for their investment.

Withstanding Elements

What a lot of window framers, commercial wood framing contractors, and local framing contractors are coming to find out is that the standards for building structures are getting tougher. Not only is there an increase in demand, but it is turning into a priority. Natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy completely wiped out entire neighborhoods. If those areas would have been built up with high-quality wood frames, the outcomes may have been different.

The initiatives that have been brought to light by government agencies can be met with affordability. They will also meet modern building technologies with commercial wood framing. The updated commercial wood framing can withstand those types of disasters. Seismic situations along with other types of catastrophic destruction will be in the past.

Window framers and local framing contractors will be happy to find out that there is currently testing being done to increase the lasting strength of wood. Also, experts are working to find ways to improve the energy efficiency. Preventing infiltration from moisture and defending from natural disasters are also on the test.

Taller, Longer, & More Open

People that are hiring out for commercial framing contractors are all requesting the same trend, and have been for the past several years. They want taller frames, longer window spans, and more spacious floor plans. An experienced window framer knows what they have to do to get the large expanded windows put in correctly. The owners want the natural lighting and beautiful views that accompany these types of builds.

Commercial wood framing contractors can complete these designs with all of the engineered wood options available. Longer lengths of laminated veneer and glulam are available. They provide the elements needed to get the job done. The sustainable attributes and installation properties that are comfortable to commercial framing contractors also stay in-tact.

Mixed-Uses for Walkable Communities

People in America now desire more walkable communities. That means that mixed-use wood framing contractors demand is also going up. Local framing contractors are building communities with the centers of town full of high-density work/live options.

In more densely populated regions, structures with a low-rise that have retail space underneath housing units are being built more and more. The way that commercial wood framing contractors construct these types of units is by using multiple stories of wood framing on top of the concrete non-residential storey; the one that is being used for the retail space.

Future builds are expected to be constructed completely from wood from the bottom all the way to the top, depending on how the codes are written and enforced for nonresidential spaces. If they could be done that way, it would be much more sustainable and lot more affordable. The building wouldn’t be so massive either.

Going Even Taller

Timber that is made in a cross-laminated form along with other kinds of engineering systems are allowing contractors to build six stories and taller. As soon as the laws allow for contractors to build entirely out of wood framing in other regions, it’s expected to be done all over the place. It seems to be the best option in nearly every situation.

Following the Trends

Should wood framing construction be done following the trends? With all the benefits mentioned it seems crazy not to. It’s visually appealing, and it can add value to the building making it a prime choice. It’s a material that’s very easy to work with and is sustainable, versatile, and affordable.