Window Installation for New Construction - A Quick Guide

 Window Installation For New Construction

One of the crowning glories of a new construction adding to its appeal is the Windows. The type of windows you install in a new construction can add to its overall value. New construction window installation is usually done once the frame of the building has been completed. In choosing the type of windows, you will want to discuss with your contractor what you want the windows to accomplish for the build.

You could be looking to achieve energy savings, let maximum light in during the daylight hours, add style, or enjoy a combination of all three. Take note of these guidelines for your New Construction Window Install. Whether you choose to do it yourself or hire a contractor, these points are important to note.

Hire A Professional & Experienced Contractor

Many people love to have that feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment which comes along with successful DIY jobs. Where windows are concerned however, it takes a certain level of skill and knowhow to get the job done right. For one thing, you more than likely will not have all the tools required for installing new construction windows. Another possibility is that if you do end up making a mistake with the installation, you will have to hire the services of a professional contractor. This will end up costing you more in the long run. Professionals also have the ability to properly assess and rectify any issues which may present a problem to the installation before they even begin. This is something the untrained eye will not be able to detect. Count the cost carefully before you decide to go the DIY route. While installing a new construction window may be one of the simpler tasks in a new build, it may not come quite as easily for the DIYer. Despite that, here are some pointers to bear in mind for a do it yourself installation.


Decide On The Window Style & Location

Here you can utilize the expertise of a designer who will be able to assist you with Styling & Sizing. The preparation of the window opening is a key step to a successful install. The width of the window and the width of the opening must be properly determined to ensure a perfect fit. Also bear in mind that the weight of the window may require it to be supported so as not to damage the Building Frame. The style of the window will also determine the material it is made of. You can choose from wood, aluminium or vinyl windows.

Wooden windows are traditional and durable but tend to be the most expensive. While they may last for years, they will eventually require replacement.

Vinyl windows are the most affordable option and are extremely energy efficient. They provide a formidable alternative for wooden windows.

The cheapest of the lot is aluminium windows. They do not require much in the way of maintenance however when compared to wood and vinyl windows the energy efficiency plummets. They can be quite stylish when they are designed to have glass panes as a component.

New Construction Window Installation is done on the Outside of the Building.

For vinyl window installation in a new construction, these are attached to a flange around the periphery of the window frame. Other window types are attached to the ply board on the outside. The entire frame is then concealed with the remainder of building materials for a secure fit.

The exact Installation Method will vary based on the Type of Building Material & Type of Window.

To install new construction windows into concrete masonry, the window must be installed using wood buck. The frame will then be secured to it using a nailing fin and finished with your choice of trim. Alternatively, the window can be attached directly to the concrete blocks using screws and then appropriately sealed afterward.

If attaching windows to a stud wall which has waterproof sheathing, it needs to be attached by means of a nailing fin and then sealed to it using the appropriate materials.

When incorporating the new windows into the building frame which does not have sheathing, the install is attached using a nailing fin after which it will be wrapped and completed using flash tape.   

Ensure to properly seal the Installed Windows

To conserve on your heating and cooling bill as well as keeping it protected from wear & tear, proper sealing is important. New Construction Window Installations also require secure sealing to keep water and moisture out. They must be sealed all the way around for air tightness. Finishing the jambs also serve to provide aesthetic appeal and also does double duty for moisture protection.