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States across the United States have experienced some of the worst weather on record in 2021. From Texas to Missouri, California to Colorado, floods, severe tropical storms, droughts, and record-setting wildfires have happened with alarming frequency. While most of these adverse weather conditions can be laid squarely at the feet of man-made climate change, it does beg the question of what, if at all, you, as a homeowner, can do to make a difference. 

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People often have their heads brimming with home remodeling ideas for several months but lack the time and experience to act upon them. Home remodeling can be a challenging and taxing job mentally and financially if one has not maintained a proper house remodel checklistTherefore, it is advisable to devise special steps to act efficiently and avoid overspending. Not only do people not know where to start, they often become hasty and begin with irrelevant tasks first, which can derail the whole remodeling project.


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Most of us never counted on the work-from-home situation lasting as long as it has. We never intended for the nice-to-have home office to suddenly become a critical space where we need to make conference calls with clients, collaborate with team members, or make important decisions that can decide the future of a business.

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In this new content series called 'Contractor Connections', we aim to answer questions from homeowners from our wealth of experience working in the residential & commercial wood framing industry. The first article in this series addresses a typical question we often hear "which custom window brand is better for my home?" - an update from our earlier article on custom windows we had written in 2019

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Achievement unlocked: Ready to build a house! Welcome to the pinnacle of adulthood. But beware, with social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram flooding your feed with costly (and sometimes even unattainable) home inspirations, you can blaze through your budget real quick

As a homeowner, everybody wants their home to look exquisite, attractive, and stand out in the neighborhood. Choosing the right house siding colors can make all the difference. Lately, there have been numerous trends in color combinations and siding materials used in houses of various structures. Here, you can find some of the latest house siding colors to light up your home from the outside - an update on an earlier article we published on the best siding colors for your home.