Best Vinyl Siding Colors For Your Home

Wells Custom Framers brings you 15 best vinyl siding color ideas. Use these inspirations to bring your home to life. And if you need our help in the process, give us a call.

15 Best Vinyl Siding Color Ideas For Your Home

Timeless Elegance

If you are looking for a vinyl siding color combination that lends your home an aura of elegance without being too showy then opt for the vinyl siding color combination brought to life on this property


vinyl siding and roof color combinations


Stand Out in a Crowd

If you want to portray an impression that stands out, take inspiration from the vinyl siding color used on this mountaintop property. Bold and suave, this roof and vinyl siding color combination will arrest the attention of your guests.

house siding color options


Tranquil Existence

If you are looking for colors for vinyl siding for a house that reflects a mood of tranquility, then go for the vinyl siding color combination played out on the exterior of this property. This is the perfect vinyl siding color idea for those who prefer a pleasant life.

colors of vinyl siding for houses


Striking Presence

Using different shades of the same color could be a smart way to keep dullness at bay. Paint the doors, windows and other accent pieces in a shade darker or lighter.  For your roof, go for a shade that compliments the siding color. You may also consider getting custom windows to enhance the look and feel of your house.

houses with different color siding


Sophisticated Vibe

Gray vinyl siding can lend a sophisticated vibe to your home. It is a neutral and balanced color that is timeless and practical in its appeal. Contrast the gray siding color with white trims.

siding colors for homes


Rejuvenate Your Bricks

The color green is a symbol of life, renewal, life, and energy. Having green vinyl siding on your house will add an element of freshness. However, the tone of green you select must compliment the surrounding hues. For instance, the shade of green used on the siding of this property contains features a gray accent that goes well with the warm hues of the brick.

colors of house siding


Siding plus trim

If you want to be subtle with the colors of vinyl siding of your house, a faint shade of gray could do wonders for its appearance. But what sometimes can add magic to your walls is the color that you apply to the trim.

different color vinyl siding


Rustic Appeal

Red is traditionally associated with agricultural structures, which when used sensibly can bring to life even the most basic architectural designs. Sample the red door of the property in the picture below. It stands out among the gray horizontal and the white vertical siding colors on the house.

house vinyl siding colors


Command Attention

Use the property pictured below as an inspiration if you are looking for colors for vinyl siding colors for a house that’s set in a spacious surround. With a pleasant shade of gray color on the sidings and a noticeable white color on the trims, your house will definitely stand out.

vinyl house siding colors


Woodsy Charm

If you live a bit closer to nature, in the embrace of verdant groves, a shade of brown could be the best vinyl siding color idea for your sylvan cabin. Go for a vinyl siding and roof color combination that complements each other well.

choosing siding color


A Classic Contrast

If you are looking for vinyl siding colors for homes that are evocative of the architectural character of a time gone by, then don’t look further than the vinyl siding color combination on this property. With red bricks, white trim, and a gray siding, your home won’t lack attention.

siding samples for homes


Leather Look Siding

Use this property as inspiration if you are looking for colors of vinyl siding for houses that evoke a natural wood-ladder look. This vinyl siding color combination is meant for those with a sense of deeply organic, vintage taste.

vinyl siding colors for homes


Barn Style Yet Modern

If you have a contemporary home that features a rustic look, perhaps you could take inspiration from the vinyl siding color combination used on the property pictured below. The black-hued siding will lend your home a feeling of power, prestige, and elegance that no other vinyl siding color can emulate.

vinyl siding house colors



Grand Green

If you have expansive space surrounding a lavish property, going for the green vinyl siding color will make your house look opulent. After all, green is one color that’s associated with growth and money.

vinyl siding color ideas


Posh Cottage

To achieve an exquisite look and feel, the cottage pictured below has used shingles, stone, and siding. The grey shade of the siding has complimented well with the roof color to give it an aura of gentility.

Siding Color



Now that you’ve seen the images for some of the best vinyl siding colors, let’s talk about how you can choose the right vinyl siding color combination for your home.

Picking the right vinyl siding color(s) for your home isn’t as easy a task as it may seem. Although it might seem to be only a matter of taste and preference, there’s much more to it than what meets the eye. Colors, after all, have the ability to affect how we think and feel about ourselves and how others think and feel about us.

Here are 5 quick tips to help you narrow down on the right vinyl siding color combination for your home:

#1. Color to match the architecture

What sort of architecture does your home have? Is it colonial, is it Victorian or is it contemporary or is it the Mediterranean? Every architectural style has a color palette with which it has traditionally been paired.

#2. Color to complement your landscape

While choosing the perfect color for your house siding, don’t forget to take the landscape into consideration. Your choice of vinyl siding color must allow your house to seamlessly unite with and merge into your surroundings. Is your house located on the banks of a lake, does it have a front yard garden, or does it find itself in the grip of greenery — choose vinyl siding colors according to what’s around you.

#3. Stand Out, While Blending in Your Neighborhood

Looking around your neighborhood for similarly-styled homes can give you clues as to which vinyl siding and roof color combination you should finally go with. While you want your home to reflect who you are, you would also want to blend in and not appear garish.

#4. Use light siding colors to underscore the size

If you own a big house, use light vinyl siding colors to emphasize its size. While dark colors can add drama and can be used well to assert shadows, light vinyl siding colors tend to underscore the bulk and build of a building. It’s no wonder why some of the big houses, traditionally, have sported white.

#5. Harmonize your siding color with that of the roof

Whether you have used shingle, asphalt, metal, clay or anything else as your roofing material, each one of them has a distinct color. Therefore, it’s important that while choosing the color of vinyl siding for your house, you pay attention to the color of your house’s roof. You can go for trial and error method, and apply different swatches of siding colors to determine the best match.

So, there you have it — 5 quick tips to help you narrow down on the right vinyl siding color combination for your home. If you need help in revamping the look and feel of your home, do get in touch.