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When it comes to residential construction, plenty of options exist. Over the past few years however, wood framing for homes has emerged as one of the most popular methods of residential building construction. As one of the leading residential wood framing contractors in Western Massaschusetts, our professional team of certified professionals have worked on large residential projects of all types and sizes. 



Wood Framing: The Best Option for Your Home

Residential wood framing has plenty of advantages when compared to more traditional steel construction. Chief among them are:


Affordability & Durability

Wood is cheaper than both steel and concrete by a wide margin. And, when looked at in terms of the entire project requirements, residential wood framing will most certainly result in a lower overall project cost, given that a wooden beam will cost far less than a steel beam of the same dimensions. More importantly, if treated correctly, wood is just as durable as steel, if not more. The fact that most of the ancient man-made structures that have survived to present day are made of wood stands as testament to its capability & durability.


Energy Efficiency

Pound for pound, wood is a natural insulator in another league when compared to either steel or concrete. While homes made from these ‘modern’ materials need significant planning to keep its occupants comfortable, residential wood framed structures on the other hand, benefit from the material’s high insulation properties. This means that internal heating and cooling systems need to work less, resulting in lower energy bills every month.


Easier Repairability

Damage to the internal structure of a home happens for a variety of reasons, both during the construction process, and post-handover as well. For buildings made from steel and concrete, this can mean a costly repair process as both materials cannot be repaired easily without specialized tools and equipment. Wooden frames on the other hand are easy to repair with minimal damage to the surrounding structure.

From a small one bedroom house, to a multi-million dollar mansion, your project will be in good hands when you choose us for your project's wood framing needs. We are good at what we do and are passionate about it. We take great care to get every detail just right in order to boost curb appeal, increase energy efficiency, and add resale value to your property. Read this article to know what to look for when hiring a wood framing contractor.




Certified Residential Wood Framing Contractors



Wells Custom Framers are a licensed general contractor certified by the American Architectural Millwork Association (AAMA). We are dedicated to staying up-to-date on the latest industry practices and installation techniques. As specialist siding, door, and window framers, we know what it takes to deliver top-notch wood framing work for your  office. From customer service and product recommendations to installation and custom craftsmanship, with Wells Custom Framers, expect the very best. It is because of the quality of service we render that we are counted among the most favorite local framing contractors in Western Massachusetts.

Our services extend to: New Construction, Residential construction, Green Home Building.

Our primary service areas are: Berkshire County, Hampden County, Hampshire County, Franklin County, and more.


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Client Testimonials

"After living in our home for 25 years, it was time to replace 36 windows. We got a quote from an outfit in the Springfield area that was astronomical. We called Tim at Wells Custom Framers to see if he could help us with our project. Tim responded quickly with ideas to help up save on the cost and we soon agreed on Marvin replacements. We cannot say enough about Tim and his crew. They were prompt, courteous, diligent and friendly. They did a superb job on the installation and the staining of the windows making sure to match the existing woodwork. We highly recommend Wells Custom Framers." - The Gallihers, Hinsdale

"We presented Tim with the challenge of replacing 68 original windows, of numerous sizes and shapes, at our historic masonry building in Naugatuck, CT. Tim and his crew executed the work efficiently, with great skill and attention to detail, and minimized disturbances to our staff and the other professionals in the building. What a difference, the results are outstanding!" - Andrew Ritter, PE, Senior Project Engineer, Siefert Associates, LLC

"I wanted to take a minute to give you some feedback on the Marvin window install this past week. Over the past 21 years, many different professionals have passed through our home doing various kinds of jobs for us in order to not only build the structure that we live in, but to enhance and maintain the home to a high standard. Our impression is that the crew that was here this week were exceptional in all levels that matter to a homeowner. They were here when they said they would be here. The were courteous, clean, polite, extremely attentive to detail and super thorough in installing the windows. We would recommend this team to anyone at anytime. The two men who did the bulk of the work were truly outstanding in their work." - Sincerely, S.A.M.

"Wells Custom Framers is among the best in the business. Tim and his crew are professional, courteous and pay great attention to detail. They are the only contractors that we trust with our home. Windows are working great, and saving us money on heating. Even with this grey dismal chilly weather we haven't turned our heat on since the replacement windows were installed." - Adam & Sylwia Zieminski, Housatonic

"Several years ago I was in need of a contractor for renovation projects at investment properties in the Pittsfield area. A mutual friend suggested I call Tim at Wells Custom Framers. It was the best call I could have made! The first BIG positive was that after leaving Tim a message, he quickly returned my call. When we met to discuss the projects, I found him to be professional and easy to get along with. His estimates were completed in a timely manner and I found his quotes to be very fair. Once work commenced, communication was excellent and the work was done on time and on budget. I am one that tends to make lots of change requests and Tim was always upfront about cost and schedule updates. As an added bonus, his team ALWAYS arrived at the job site clean, neat, on time, and ready to work. No goofing off with this crew! Since then, I have used Wells Custom Framers several more times for both large and small projects. I have also used them at my own home. My wife loves the results… Plus they pick up after themselves! Without reservations I wholeheartedly recommend Tim and his crew. For me, it’s five star service all the way!" - Greg Carpenter, BGC & Sons, LLC

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Work with Us?

As a company, we are one of the leading wood framing companies in Western Massachusetts. Clients choose to work with us to benefit from our 20-year residential wood framing experience and the quality work from our professional team, some of the best wood framing contractors in MA, led by our founder Tim Wells. Tim is a certified Marvin Window Installer (AAMA) and Anderson Window Installer. With certifications like CT Home Improvement Contractor license, MA CSL license, OSHA 10, and a hoisting license under his belt, he motivates our staff to stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and deliver nothing but perfect framing and installation services. Apart from being an affordable choice in the market, our portfolio of construction projects and window framing projects in Massachusetts and Connecticut speak volumes of our work and our priority for client needs. 

Is wood durable enough for residential construction?

A structure constructed through residential wood framing techniques will have lower maintenance costs in the long term. This is because wood, compared to steel or concrete, is incredibly resilient to sea air, corrosive salts, and industrial gases. More importantly, for a residential structure, the Portland experiment showed that wooden beams can withstand higher seismic forces than steel due to their ability to flex.

How long will a wood frame house last?

Structural components of a house not only provide stability but also help withstand natural forces like earthquakes and strong winds. As with any house, good quality materials and excellent workmanship stand the test of time. A wood-frame house with a concrete foundation can last over a hundred years. However, proper maintenance and care is key to a long-lasting house.

How durable is wood compared to other materials?

A house built with durable materials will see reduced maintenance and repair costs in the long run. Wood, compared to materials like steel and concrete, is resistant to sea air, corrosive salts, and industrial gases. Wood can also endure long-term stresses. In the Portland experiment conducted in 2000, a 3500-pound force was directed on wood and steel supports. The results of the experiment showed that steel sustained more damage than wood. Pine and fir combination used in the experiment also showed that wood was more resistant to artificial earthquake pressure than steel (4583 pounds vs 4004 pounds before breaking down).

What is the most durable type of wood?

Density represents the strength of wood. Denser the wood, better the structural strength. Other aspects like texture, color, direction of the wood grain also impact the stability of the wood. Two types of commonly used wood are softwoods and hardwoods. Pine, fir, and redwood are examples of softwoods. Commonly used hardwoods include oak, birch, and walnut. Since most of the hardwoods, like oak, are stronger than softwoods, they make for a durable and sturdy home. However, due to their flexibility and straight grain structure softwoods are commonly used for framing.

What kind of wood do you use for framing? 

The type of wood we use for framing in our construction projects are of high quality and strength; we consider everything from the color and texture of species before using them. We typically use spruce for framing. Since it is lightweight, it is perfectly suitable for light construction and framing. Spruce also has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than other wood species. We also use Douglas fir as it is an ideal wood species for framing and roof trusses. For more information about the type of wood we will be using for your next project, you can contact us at 413-281-0516. 

What are the different types of framing you offer? 

Our wood framing services extend to residential construction, green home construction and even commercial construction. We offer excellent wood framing services for houses and windows.

How much does residential wood framing cost /sqft?

For residential homes, there are hundreds of decisions related to the project design that can have an impact on the overall project cost. These variances are impossible to determine immediately, or from a single online tool, which is why we offer FREE, No-Obligation consultation with our team. They will be able to guide you as to what to expect, what to budget for, and most importantly, what not to worry about during the project duration.