wells custom residential sidingThe sides of your home are just as important as what’s inside. Not only does quality siding shield a building from the wear and tear of rough weather, it also provides added insulation and contributes to the beauty of a structure’s exterior, besides boosting its value.

As a leading contractor for siding installations in Connecticut (CT) and Massachusetts (MA), Tim Wells of Wells Custom Framers has the experience needed to build a beautiful exterior for your home or business.

Whether you’re building a new house from scratch or redoing the sides of your downtown office, Wells Custom Framers is your number-one commercial and home siding installation service option. When it comes to providing unmatched quality and superior customer service, there are very few residential siding contractors in Massachusetts or Connecticut who can match our standards.

Being one of the most versatile siding installation, repair, and replacement contractors in MA and CT, Tim Wells goes to great lengths to learn about the latest and most energy-efficient siding techniques available today. He understands that quality siding starts with quality materials. You can choose from dozens of siding options and layouts to craft the stunning exterior of your dreams.

Crafting the sides of your home is no small challenge. The team at Wells Custom Framers always takes the time to listen to their customers' needs and concerns, ensuring that every sheet is properly fastened to your liking. They work with you to make sure that the scope of the home siding project always stays within your budget. With Wells Custom Framers on the scene, you can rest assured that the sides of your home are in good hands.

Handcrafted excellence, affordable prices, and lasting quality are at the heart of the Wells Custom Framers legacy. This group of home improvement specialists will walk you through every step of the project from the initial conception and plan to the finishing details. Contact the team today and elevate your home’s appeal with rows of gorgeous siding.