How Much Does a Custom Window Replacement Cost in 2018?

Custom Window Replacement Cost

Do you want to replace those old windows with a brand new one? There are many reasons why you’d want to replace your old windows. The main reason is to prevent the energy wastage.

When your home has an old airy window the energy cost to heat and cool the interiors increases. By replacing it with an energy efficient window, you can save on your energy bill.

There are many types of windows available to choose from. While replacing your window, select the best type you want from available options and hire a professional to do this. There are many replacement window contractors available who can do this job well.

Doing a window replacement alone will not be a good idea. Professionals know how to do this by making all the measurements and installations well and that is quite important. They can also help you get the windows and material for installation at an affordable price.

This is a good idea for you to save some money because when you buy, you need to pay the retail price. Here are the benefits of hiring a professional for residential window replacements -

  • They know how to deal with various issues that can happen to windows like mold, rotted wood etc.
  • They can take all the measurements with accuracy.
  • Professional techniques to provide a support while removing windows for old homes.
  • They know the window location of a building and the type of the glass that can be used to provide extreme comfort.

When we consider replacing the existing set of windows, the cost may vary depending on various factors. The main factors are type of windows, professional excellence, type of glass, working time etc. Sometimes you don’t have to change the entire window as some of its structures may still be good to use. A replacement window installer can easily identify such things.

Typical Window Replacement Cost in 2018 

This is an average window installation cost that you need to spend while replacing your windows. The cost varies as the type of window changes. Most common types of windows that are being installed are:

How Much Do Single Hung Windows Cost?

This is an old type window that opens vertically from the bottom pane. The top pane is a fixed unit. This is a very economical type of window and installation cost could be around $175-$350 per window. These types of windows cannot offer good insulation and have very limited designs. This type of window is mostly preferable for the ground floor. As one panel is fixed it is difficult to clean the glass properly.

How Much Do Double Hung Windows Cost?

In this type, both panes can be opened to get good ventilation. The cost will be higher than single insulation type. Installation cost varies according to the design. But when we consider an average price it could be around $300-800. You can see this type in many houses and a lot of designs are available for you to choose from.

How Much Do Sliding Windows Cost?

This is the type of window many people prefer. One pane will be fixed and other can move over a stationary sash. This is suitable for large space and the cost varies from $325-1200. Only a small area will be blocked from the view. It is easy to clean and maintain the window also.

How Much Do Casement Windows Cost?

This is another popular window type many people prefer to install. This can be opened like a door. Casement windows can give good ventilation as it can be completely opened without any hindrance.

Most people prefer the one that opens outwards and install it mainly in the basement or near the ceiling. The installation cost of this type of windows will be around $255-$750. There are many models available of this type. If there is not a lock system,  window will open and close by the wind. When people select this type, they prefer one with the lock system.

Window Replacement Quotes

When you look for a good professional to replace your windows get quotes from at least 5 people. Compare it and ask them about the material they use while replacing windows. Choose an economic one. This quote will not contain the price of the window frame. That is the additional amount that you need to spend. Here is what you can expect from a quote

  • Price for their work material like sheets, clothes etc. to protect your home interior
  • Charge for removing the old window
  • Charge for new window installation with the price of each material used with their size, brand etc.
  • Weatherproofing and insulation of windows
  • Charge to clean up the work area after completing window replacement
  • A summary of full guarantee to the windows. Usually, they give 1-year warranty for installation.
  • Labor charge

These are some important factors you need to know while thinking about replacing windows. All the above price is for replacing a single window. If you have a large house and need more window replacements, then the price will increase accordingly.

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